Peel and stick wallpaper and different wall paint issues

Peel and stick wallpaper and different wall paint issues

Installing removable wallpaper can be a simple and affordable way to update the look of your home, but it's important to consider the condition and type of paint on your walls. The quality and nature of the paint can have a significant impact on the adhesion and removal of the wallpaper.

Surface preparation:

  • The wall should be clean, dry, and smooth for the wallpaper to adhere properly.
  • If the wall was recently painted, wait at least 4 weeks for the paint to fully dry before installing the wallpaper.
  • Avoid using stain blocking or low VOC paints as they can prevent the wallpaper from sticking.  Wall requirements

Cracked paint and damaged walls:

  • Make sure the wall is in good condition before installing the wallpaper.
  • If the wall is damaged or has cracks, repair it before installing the wallpaper to ensure a smooth and even surface.  The Guide to installation 

Always try a sample

  • We offer samples of all our products for you to test how our wallpaper material sticks to your desired surface and how the design works with your environment.
  • To test a sample, apply it to the wall. Leave it for a few days, then remove it and check if it offers any resistance. It should remove without residue but offer some resistance. If the edges are lifted or removed too easily, or if you notice bubbles forming after installation, you may need to wash or smooth the wall before installing the wallpaper. Try a sample

By following these guidelines and using a bit of patience and care, you can avoid common issues and achieve a successful installation of your removable wallpaper.