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I love these sellers and their shop! They have quality and quick shipping, and the customer service is incredible! This wallpaper is unique and beautiful. In fact, this is my second purchase! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS SHOP!!

Put this up in our master bedroom as an accent wall. Beautiful!

I had a few questions before purchasing and the responses from this shop were so fast and so helpful

Beautiful, Scenic Wallpaper!

I’m so happy with how this wallpaper turned out! The design and colors look just like the product pictures, and the watercolor scenery make for a very pretty mural! The wallpaper itself is really good quality and also quite forgiving during application. It took me and one other person about 6 hours to put up (including prep and clean up). While the trickiest part was lining up the panels so the design matched up, the wallpaper was relatively easy to readjust as needed. Overall it is quality wallpaper for a fair price with a beautiful design!

Great product, not hard to install.

We installed this beautiful wallpaper and we were very pleased with the outcome. Customer service was prompt and answered questions accurately.

Awesome product and great customer service!

I got a custom size for my nursery and the seller was very responsive and quick to accommodate. I've never done wallpaper before, and it's certainly not the easiest thing to do, especially with a photo that has to line up. I recommend everyone has someone to help them with installation and we used a laser level on the wall which was very helpful. I was worried about the seams being very visible and misaligned, but we managed to get it well lined up and the seams blend into the wall quite well. Although the process is challenging, the wallpaper itself was easy enough for a novice like me and peeled easily off and reapplied to the surface several times during my mess ups. And it's absolutely beautiful with vibrant colors exactly as pictured and described.

The seller was so helpful in figuring out how much wallpaper we needed for the space we had. It was a little difficult to line up the patterns when installing, but it turned out great & elevated the look of the room!

Absolutely incredible! I love the look and feel but the quality is wonderful! I highly recommend them!!!

Looks nice I’m excited

Turned out great! Absolutely love it! Thank you.

I loved the underwated wall paper! Turned out perfectly :)

Fast ship and amazing quality wallpaper; easy to install as well.

I love my abstract wallpaper!!! Highly recommended.

Amazing customer service and I love the product

Totally transformed our laundry!

We are so happy with how it turned out!!

We installed traditional canvas on the ceiling!! Looks amazing

It came out even better than expected for our daughter nursery. Love! And highly recommend!

Looks so good!

It's looking absolutely stunning - the compliments we're getting are endless. I will definitely recommend you guys :).