Test a peel and stick wallpaper sample

Test a peel and stick wallpaper sample

Sample wallpaper piece is the best way to test out a design and material before committing to a full roll. While devices like phones and computers can give an idea of a color's appearance, they may not always accurately reflect how the color will look in real life. To ensure color consistency and avoid any surprises, it's a good idea to order samples of all the wallpaper designs you're considering. Our samples are made to order so you can receive them quickly.

Before applying a sample to your wall, it's important to make sure the surface is clean and prepared. Dust on the wall can impact the adhesion of the wallpaper, so use a lint-free dry cloth to dust off the wall. Wall requirements

The Sample you will receive has a 8" x 11" actual size view of the wallpaper or mural, and a mini version of what the whole mural or whole wallpaper sheet would look like

To apply the sample, simply peel off the backing paper and press it firmly onto the wall, smoothing out any bubbles. Leave the sample in place for at least 2 days to allow it to properly adhere.

During this time, observe the sample for any issues such as bubbles or edges coming loose. The sample should not develop bubbles and the edges should stay securely adhered to the wall.


Try to remove the sample. The Sample should offer a bit of resistance but it will peel off without residue.

If the Sample removes too easily, probably you’ll need to prepare your wall or use a wallpaper glue for the better adhesion. Wall paint issues

However, if the sample looks good after a couple of days, you can feel confident in proceeding with your wallpaper project.