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Self Adhesive Abstract Peonies Flowers Removable Wallpaper CC176

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Self Adhesive Temporary Removable Vinyl Wallpaper Or Polyester Fabric Wallpaper with Modern Floral Pattern Abstract Peonies Flowers.

Great for Bedroom, Living Room, Kitchen, Hallway, Bathroom. You can use Peel and Stick Smooth Vinyl application or you can choose to use Textured Peel and Stick Fabric Wallpaper .

We have an individual approach to each of your orders. Wallpaper sheets can be made shorter or longer to perfectly fit your desired area. CUSTOM SIZES and COLORS are available upon request. Please send us a message and we will be happy to help! 

We use only Genuine Water Based Inks, Cadmium free and Lead free US brand Vinyl paper or Peel and Stick Polyester Fabric.

Each sample is presented in 2 variations: The actual size to show the scale of the print and a mini version of what a whole sheet of 24”x48” wallpaper would look like to give you a better idea of the full pattern of the design.

CUSTOM SIZES or COLOURS are available for this design upon request. 

  • Size
    • Wallpaper standard sheet sizes:

      24” wide x 48" height / 61 cm x 122 cm
      24” wide x 96" height / 61 cm x 244 cm
      24” wide x 108" height / 61 cm x 275 cm
      24” wide x 120" height / 61 cm x 304 cm
      35" wide x 48" height / 90 cm x 122 cm
      35" wide x 96" height / 90 cm x 244 cm
      35" wide x 108" height / 90 cm x 275 cm
      35" wide x 120" height / 90 cm x 304 cm

      Wallpaper sheets can be made shorter or taller to perfectly fit your desired area.

      CUSTOM SIZES are available upon request

      Please send us a message and we will be happy to help!

  • How to measure?
    • How to determine the number of wallpaper sheets you need:
      1. Measure your walls - make sure you have an accurate measurement of height and width of the portion of the wall you'll be covering. It helps to draw a rough sketch to use while you do your calculations.
      2. Determine the number of sheets you'll need across – Our sheets are all 24" or 35" wide. Once you have the width of your wall in inches, take the width and divide by 24 or 35. This will give you the number of sheets that you need horizontally. Remember to always round up - better have a little extra than miss an inch!
      3. Determine the vertical length of the sheets - our sheets come in standard 48”, 96”, 108” and 120” length , but we'll be happy to customise the height to match your surface. Please feel free to contact us with the dimensions of your wall in case you need any help with calculations - we are always happy to help!
  • Shipping
    • We Ship Worldwide
      We ship to all 48 Continental United States via USPS Priority Mail (1-3 days).
      All orders qualify for FREE SHIPPING to Continental US.
      Handling time for all orders is 2-3 business days.
      Customers that require shipping to HI, AK or any of the US territories, please contact the store for a shipping quote.
      Please note we cannot deliver to post office boxes due to size restrictions.
      All ordered goods are carefully packed in Recyclable cardboard packaging, We Care.
  • Disclaimers


      * Our wallpaper is designed to be applied to almost any clean, smooth and dry, dust free surface. The removable self-adhesive wallpaper sheets are NOT designed for textured walls, bumped walls, freshly painted walls, damp or cold surfaces, plaster, chalk, lime-painted, semi-gloss, gloss finishes. All sanded or drywall texture should be smoothed. In order to ensure good adhesion, old wallcovering and loose paint flakes should be removed. It is not recommended to use the fabric if your wall is painted with any bright paint - green/red/yellow etc.  Refunds will not be given for wall incompatibility.

      * If your walls have been recently painted please allow for at least 4 weeks of drying time, some types of paint might even need up to 5 weeks of drying time for all the fumes to evaporate fully. In case removable wallpaper is applied to fresh paint, it will damage the adhesive backing and the wallpaper will not be able to hold onto the wall.

      * If you have any concerns, we recommend ordering a sample to check how our wallpaper material sticks to your desired surface, how well it holds and how the design works with your environment.

      * The adhesive on “Removable Vinyl” and “Fabric” is considered removable and should be easy to remove for at least 6 months. However, the longer the wallpaper is mounted, generally the harder removal will be. Removability also depends on the mounting surface. Paper-based, painted and composite materials may not allow complete removal without damaging the mounting surface. If a residue remains after the vinyl is removed from a solid surface, use soapy water and aggressive rubbing. 

      * Even if your walls fit all the previously mentioned criteria, it is always a possibility that there are other variables at play in your specific space. Some of those might be excessive moisture/heat and/or dryness, dust, a specific incompatible type of paint or other wall coverings, as well as many other factors that are at play here. This is something that we cannot control or predict therefore we are unable to guarantee that our removable wallpaper will be compatible with your specific wall. This is why we encourage our customers to consider trying a sample if they're having any doubts. 

      * We always recommend ordering a sample to check how our wallpaper material sticks to your desired surface and how the design works with your environment.

      * Photos displayed are for reference only and do not reflect the exact sheet size. Prior to placing an order, please measure your desired area and order the appropriate amount of sheets. Remember to always round it up!

      * Due to different computer monitor settings, product colors may vary slightly from the pictures provided.

      * Please contact us immediately in case you receive a damaged shipment, we'll have it resolved ASAP.

      * By placing an order you confirm that you have read the listing description and the disclaimer and you acknowledge and accept all the rules and regulations.

      * We are not responsible for the wallpaper damages and installation mistakes made by the installation person and any issues caused by uneven walls and ceilings. 

      * We are not responsible for the wallpaper quality printed from your picture. Please check the quality and colors of the picture before sending to us and please order the sample prior to the main order.

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